Agility EOR - Our People Statements

The relationships we have with those we meet in our work time are vital to success and happiness.

Built on the principle that we treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves, the following statements reflect our commitment to each group of people we meet as go about our business. Agility EOR is a commercial business but we do not profiteer unnecessarily or take advantage of any relationship for financial gain..

Our own employees – We strive to understand the ambitions of our employees and their personal situations to the extent they want to share with us. This allows us to nurture employees and enable them to fulfil their own ambitions at the same time as playing their part in Agility’s journey. We pay a fair salary, provide safe working conditions and are an inclusive employer.

Partners – Partners are an extension of our own teams and help us in delivering excellence for our clients. We treat their employees with the same courtesy with which we treat our own teams. We consider how our partner relationships are working from the partner perspective as well as from our own.

Clients – We understand that our clients had a choice when they elected to work with Agility EOR. In each interaction, we strive to validate that choice. This means taking the time to understand meet our client’s wider teams, to discuss their objectives and consider how we can help in achieving them. When a client has a query or an issue which needs urgent resolution, we willingly give of our expertise and take ownership of the situation until it is resolved.

Client Employees – Our clients pay our invoices but the people we employ on their behalf are receiving much of our service. We provide clear, concise and timely responses to employee queries. When the relationship with our client and their employee comes to an end, we remember the human impact that a change in employment status can cause and treat the situation professionally and sympathetically.

Our Advisers – Whether a paid for advisory service or someone in our network sharing their expertise, we value the gift of knowledge. We are open to learning and give consideration to the views and perspective of others.

Suppliers – Our suppliers are providing a service to Agility as we provide a service to others. We pay a fair rate for what is provided to us and are loyal to those who serve us well. When a supplier makes an error, we seek a practical resolution and work with that supplier to prevent a recurrence.

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Sam Barnes

Sam Barnes

Sales Director