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Employer of Record in Albania

A Brief Guide to Albania

Albania has been experiencing consistent economic growth, and its citizens enjoy a relatively low cost of living. The country is making strides in improving its healthcare and education systems. Albania is a parliamentary republic and is a member of the United Nations, NATO, and a candidate for European Union membership. It is also committed to environmental sustainability and the use of renewable energy sources.

LocationSoutheastern Europe
Largest CityTirana 
Official LanguageAlbanian
Area28748 square kilometers
PopulationApproximately 2.8 million
CurrencyLek (ALL)
Major CitiesDurrës, Vlorë, Shkodër, Elbasan  
GDP$15.3 billion USD   
Human Development Index (HDI)0.795 (high)
Major IndustriesManufacturing, services, tourism, and agriculture 


Business Culture

Business Culture in Albania

Business culture in Albania is characterized by a blend of formality and personal relationships. Respect for hierarchy, punctuality, and professionalism is valued. Communication can be both direct and indirect, depending on the situation. Building long-term relationships and trust is essential, as personal connections often play a significant role in business dealings. Socializing and small talk are common before discussing business matters.

Albanians appreciate well-prepared and knowledgeable business partners, and demonstrating respect for local customs and traditions can be beneficial. In Albanian business culture, success is often achieved by combining professionalism, respect, and cultivating strong relationships.

Employer of Record Albania
Payroll and Taxes

Payroll and Taxes in Albania

Standard practice in Albania is to have 12 pay months in a year.

Employee Taxation

Income tax rates in Albania are progressive, with higher income levels subject to higher tax rates:


Gross Annual Income (in ALL)Tax Rate (%)
0 – 30,0000
30,000 – 150,00013
Above 150,00023


Employer Taxation

Employer costs in Albania include more than just the gross salary paid to employees. Employers are responsible for various costs, which may include:

Employer Costs in Albania

Approximate Percentage of Gross Salary
Social Security Contributions15%
Health Insurance Contributions2%
Employer of Record Albania
Employment Law

Employment Law in Albania

Employment Contracts: Employment contracts can be written or verbal, but written contracts are recommended. Contracts should specify important details such as employment duration, working hours, salary, and notice periods for termination.

Working Hours: The standard maximum working time in Albania is 40 hours per week or 8 hours per day. Overtime work is subject to additional compensation at a higher rate.

Employees Rights: Employees in Albania have various rights, such as the right to equal treatment, protection against discrimination, and freedom of association. Regulations also address working conditions, workplace safety, and employee representation.

Leave: Employees in Albania are entitled to various types of leave, including paid annual leave (minimum of 20 working days per year), maternity leave, paternity leave, sick leave, and family care leave.

Termination: Termination of employment in Albania requires proper notice, which varies depending on the length of employment. Unjustified termination can lead to claims for damages or reinstatement.

Collective Bargaining Agreements: Collective bargaining agreements are used in Albania, covering aspects of employment such as wages, working hours, and other employment conditions. These agreements are negotiated between employers’ associations and trade unions.

Pension and Healthcare

Albania Pensions

In Albania, there is a mandatory state pension system funded by social security contributions from both employees and employers. Employers are required to contribute to the state pension fund on behalf of their employees.

Healthcare in Albania

There is a public healthcare system in Albania, which provides basic healthcare services to its residents. The system is funded through a combination of social health insurance contributions from employees and employers, government subsidies, and general tax revenues. While the public healthcare system is accessible to all residents, it faces challenges such as limited resources, outdated infrastructure, and insufficient staffing. As a result, many Albanians also opt for private healthcare services, which offer a higher standard of care but come at a higher cost.

Employer of Record Albania

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When you choose Agility EOR to expand in Albania, we guarantee an employer of record service tailored to the needs of your business


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You and your employees have a dedicated account manager.

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Make one monthly payment to cover all your tax, social and wages costs from one to one thousand employees.

Fast delivery

You can have 'boots on the ground' within days on our infrastructure.

Reduced Risk

All wage taxes are remitted in full to the Albanian authorities by professionals ensuring liabilities are met, giving you peace of mind.

Supply Chain Transparency

We only pay employees through local full employed solutions meaning Albania payroll tax is paid on all funds.

Save Time and Money

Our expertise is at your disposal. The need for you to have internal HR, Payroll and admin staff is eliminated.

Without Agility EOR, our ability to move quickly and scale would be extremely limited. Superb work from A to Z.

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