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Employer of Record in Armenia

A Brief Guide to Armenia

Armenia, often dubbed the “land of Noah”, stands with an aura of ancient history, stunning landscapes, and a rich cultural tapestry. This landlocked Eurasian nation is a fascinating blend of East and West, boasting a rich history and vibrant economy that offers diverse opportunities for overseas business expansion.




South Caucasus, between Europe and Asia

Capital City


Official Languages



29,743 square kilometers


Around 3 million


Armenian Dram

Major Cities

Yerevan, Gyumri, Vanadzor


Approximately $13.67 billion

Major Industries

Metal-cutting machine tools, textiles, processed food, and diamond processing

Business Culture

Business Culture in Armenia

When it comes to Armenia’s business environment, relationships play a crucial role. Business dealings are often based on trust and mutual respect, making networking an essential component of successful commerce. A handshake is common during introductions, and business cards are typically exchanged without formal ritual.

Business meetings often start with casual conversation, and patience is a virtue, as negotiations can be prolonged, and decisions are often hierarchical. Also, it’s not uncommon for Armenian businesses to have a familial nature, with several family members involved.

employer of record armenia
Payroll and Taxes

Payroll and Taxes in Armenia

Employee Taxation

Armenian income tax is paid at a flat rate of 20%

Employees are also required to make contributions towards a pension fund at the following rates:

Monthly Salary (AMD)

Pension Fund Contribution

Less than 500,000


More than 500,000

10% (taxable income capped at 15 times the monthly minimum wage)

Employer Taxation

Employers in Armenia are not required to make any contributions based on their payroll.

Pension and Healthcare

Armenia Pensions

Armenia’s pension system is a three-pillar structure: mandatory, voluntary, and state pension. The mandatory pillar is funded by employee contributions, matched by employers, and is managed by private pension fund managers, under the supervision of the Central Bank of Armenia.

The voluntary pillar is a supplementary scheme where contributions are made voluntarily by the individual or their employer. Lastly, the state pension, provided by the government, is non-contributory and aims to prevent poverty among elderly people. It’s primarily financed from general tax revenues.

Healthcare in Armenia

Armenia’s healthcare system encompasses both public and private sectors. The public healthcare system is primarily funded through general taxation and social health insurance contributions, offering universal access to basic health services. Primary healthcare is typically provided by polyclinics and rural health posts, with specialists based in hospitals.

Meanwhile, the private sector has grown rapidly over the last couple of decades, with private hospitals and clinics offering a wide range of services, usually for a fee. The quality of care in these private institutions is often perceived to be higher, but it’s important to remember that cost varies significantly.

Despite challenges, Armenia has made strides in improving health outcomes with increasing life expectancy and reducing child mortality rates. However, access to healthcare can be difficult for those living in rural areas, and out-of-pocket expenses remain a significant concern.

employer of record armenia
Employment Law

Employment Law in Armenia

Relevant Legislation: Armenia’s employment relationships are primarily governed by the Labor Code of the Republic of Armenia, the Law on Trade Unions, and the Law on Employment.


Employment Contracts: In Armenia, employment relationships are formalized by written contracts. These typically specify the rights, duties, and responsibilities of the employee and employer, job description, work schedule, and wage details.


Working Hours: The standard working week in Armenia is set at 40 hours, with a five-day working week being typical, allowing for a maximum of 8 hours work per day.


Leave: Employees are entitled to a minimum of 20 days of annual paid vacation. Maternity leave lasts for 140 days for each child, which includes 70 days before childbirth and 70 days after.


Overtime: Overtime is any work performed beyond the standard working hours and must be compensated at a rate of at least 150% of the employee’s regular wage rate. There are strict regulations limiting overtime to avoid exploitation.


Termination: Termination of employment contracts can occur for various reasons such as redundancy, employee misconduct, mutual agreement, or retirement. Procedures are outlined in the Labor Code, which often requires the employer to provide justifiable reasons.


Notice: Armenian employers are required to give a two-week notice period for termination of an employment contract, except for cases of serious misconduct.


Severance Pay: Severance pay in Armenia is typically equivalent to at least one month’s salary. However, the exact amount can vary depending on the length of service and the reason for termination.



Work Permits in Armenia

The immigration system in Armenia is regulated and administered by the State Migration Service of the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure. This body is responsible for controlling and coordinating migration processes in the country.

For individuals seeking to relocate and work in Armenia, a visa may not be the first requirement, depending on the person’s nationality, as citizens from a number of countries can enter Armenia visa-free. However, if you plan to work in the country, a residence permit is a must. A temporary residence permit allows foreign nationals to stay in Armenia for up to one year and can be extended for additional one-year periods.

For employment purposes, a work permit is mandatory unless exceptions apply, which can be the case for certain categories of workers or occupations. The employer usually initiates the work permit application on behalf of the foreign worker. This application must be supported by relevant documents, such as a copy of the employment contract, the foreign worker’s qualifications, and proof that the employer has attempted to fill the position with an Armenian citizen or resident before considering a foreign employee.

There are also specific visa categories for those seeking to establish or invest in a business in Armenia. The M1 visa is designed for foreign nationals who intend to invest in the country, while the M2 visa is for foreigners who own real estate in Armenia.

Overall, Armenia’s immigration policy is geared toward attracting foreign investment and skilled professionals to boost the country’s economic growth and development. As such, the government has streamlined immigration procedures to make it easier for foreign nationals to work or do business in the country.

employer of record armenia
Public Holidays

Armenia Public Holidays

Holiday Name


New Year’s Day

January 1-2

Armenian Army Day

January 28

Women’s Day

March 8

Victory and Peace Day

May 9

First Republic Day

May 28

Constitution Day

July 5

Independence Day

September 21

New Year Holiday

December 31-January 2



Holy Feast of the Assumption of the Holy Mother

August (Variable)

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