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Employer of Record in Bolivia

A Brief Guide to Bolivia

Bolivia, renowned for its rich cultural diversity and awe-inspiring landscapes, is situated in the heart of South America. As a presidential republic, the country is steeped in rich history and vibrant traditions. From the stunning Andes mountains to the expansive Amazon rainforest, Bolivia offers a unique mix of natural beauty. A member of the United Nations and other regional cooperative groups such as the Union of South American Nations, Bolivia plays a critical role in the international community. 




Central South America 


Sucre (constitutional capital), La Paz (administrative capital) 

Official Language 

Spanish, Quechua, Aymara, Guarani, and 33 other native languages 


1,098,581 square kilometers 


Approximately 11 million 


Boliviano (BOB) 

Major Cities 

Santa Cruz de la Sierra, El Alto, La Paz, Cochabamba 

GDP (2023) 

Approximately $45 billion USD 

Major Industries 

Mining, hydrocarbons, agriculture, manufacturing 


Business Culture

Business Culture in Bolivia

Bolivia’s business culture puts a strong emphasis on relationships and respect for hierarchy. It is common to engage in friendly conversation before delving into business matters. Bolivians value punctuality, but it is also common for meetings to start late and last longer than scheduled. It’s crucial to show respect for senior positions, and decisions are typically made at the top levels of an organization. Building strong relationships is key to successful business dealings in Bolivia. 

employer of record bolivia
Payroll and Taxes

Payroll and Taxes in Bolivia

In Bolivia, employers usually pay a Christmas bonus equal to one month’s salary, typically paid in December.

Employee Taxation

Bolivian income tax is paid at a flat rate of 13%.

Employees must also make mandatory contributions towards social security as follows:

Fund Type 


Social Security 


Pension Fund 

12.71 – 18.71% 

Employer Taxation

Employers in Bolivia are also responsible for various employer costs, which may include:

Fund Type 


Social Security 


Housing Fund 



Pension and Healthcare

Bolivia Pensions

Bolivia’s pension system mandates contributions from employees only, with contributions varying from between 12.71% – 18.71% of the employee’s gross salary.

Healthcare in Bolivia

Bolivia’s healthcare system, the Universal Health Care System (Sistema Único de Salud), provides comprehensive healthcare services to its residents. Both employees and employers contribute a percentage of their salaries to fund the system. 

employer of record bolivia
Employment Law

Employment Law in Bolivia

Relevant Legislation: Bolivia’s labour laws, primarily governed by the General Labour Act, the Bolivian Constitution, and numerous other decrees and resolutions, play a pivotal role in shaping employment practices.

Employment Contracts: Employment contracts in Bolivia can be either verbal or written, but a written contract is advisable for any employment duration exceeding three months. Key employment terms like position, wage, and duration of work should be explicitly stated in the contract.

Working Hours: Standard work hours in Bolivia do not exceed 48 hours per week or 8 hours a day. Work done over these hours is generally considered overtime and is subject to compensation at a higher rate.

Overtime: Any work performed beyond the normal work hours is considered overtime and should be paid at a rate of 50% above the regular wage for the first 2 hours and 100% for additional hours. 


Bolivian law mandates various types of leaves, such as:


  • Annual leave: After one year of continuous service, employees are entitled to 15 consecutive calendar days of paid annual leave.
  • Maternity leave: Women are entitled to 90 days of paid maternity leave, 45 days before and 45 days after childbirth.
  • Sick leave: Sick employees are entitled to take leave, the payment of which depends on their social security coverage and the length of the illness.

Termination: Termination procedures depend on the type of contract and the reason for termination. Notice is typically required, and unfair dismissals can result in compensation or reinstatement.

Severance Pay: Employees who have their contracts terminated for reasons other than gross misconduct are typically entitled to severance pay. The amount depends on the length of service, with an increasing scale set by law.


Work Permits in Bolivia

Bolivia’s immigration process is systematic and mirrors global standards. Prospective immigrants usually need a specific purpose visa (Visa de Objeto Determinado) for relocation motives such as work, education, or family reunion. 

Bolivia offers several types of work permits for foreign nationals aiming to work in the country. The required permit type depends on the nature of work, qualifications of the applicant, and the duration of the stay. It’s worth noting that citizens of some countries, like Commonwealth nations, may not require a visa for short stays but will need one for employment or long-term stays. 

employer of record bolivia
Public Holidays

Bolivia Public Holidays

Holiday Name 


New Year’s Day 

1st January 

Plurinational State Foundation Day 

22nd January 



Good Friday 


Labor Day 

1st May 

Corpus Christi 


Independence Day 

6th August 

All Saints’ Day 

2nd November 

Christmas Day 

25th December 

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