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Employer of Record in Chile

A Brief Guide to Chile

Chile, recognized for its diverse landscapes, vibrant culture, and bustling metropolises, truly has something for everyone. From the dry Atacama Desert in the north to the icy glaciers of Patagonia in the south, and everything in between, this country is a blend of natural beauty and urban sophistication. Chile operates under a presidential republic, a member of various international platforms like the United Nations and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).



Geographical Position

South America

Capital City


National Language


Land Size

756,102 square kilometers


Around 19 million


Chilean Peso (CLP)

Major Cities

Santiago, Valparaíso, Concepción, La Serena

GDP (2023)

$500 billion USD

Major Industries

Mining, agriculture, manufacturing, services

Business Culture

Business Culture in Chile

When it comes to business interactions in Chile, a comfortable, yet professional atmosphere is appreciated. Building relationships is key, and it’s usual to chat about personal topics before diving into business matters. Chileans appreciate respectfulness and while being on time matters, a slight delay is generally tolerated. Business cards are typically exchanged at meetings and a solid handshake is the usual way to greet each other.

employer of record chile
Payroll and Taxes

Payroll and Taxes in Chile

Collective agreements provide for the payment by employers of a fixed Christmas bonus payable in December and a Holiday bonus payable from 1 May to 15 August.

Employee Taxation

In Chile, income tax rates are progressive, with higher income levels subject to higher tax rates. Taxes are calculated based on the Monthly Taxable Unit (MTU), the value of which is adjusted in line with inflation. The current MTU is approximately equivalent to $70 USD.

Gross Annual Income (MTU)

Approx equivalent (USD)

Tax Rate (%)

0 – 13.5

$0 – $945


13.5 – 30

$945 – $2,100


30 – 50

$2,100 – $3,500


50 – 70

$3,500 – $4,900


70 – 90

$4,900 – $6,300


90 – 120

$6,300 – $8,400


120 – 310

$8,400 – $21,700


310 +

$21,700 +


Employer Taxation

Employers in Chile are also responsible for various employer costs, which may include:

Cost Type


Unemployment Insurance


Occupational Accident Insurance


Disability Insurance


Risk related contributions (dependent on the industry and nature of the employee’s work related activities)

0 – 3.4%

Pension and Healthcare

Chile Pensions

The retirement system in Chile is managed by private pension fund administrators (AFP), with contributions made by both employees (10% of taxable income) and employers (depending on the salary).

Healthcare in Chile

Chile’s healthcare system offers a broad array of services, including primary care, hospital services, emergency care, and maternal care. Funding comes from tax contributions and social security contributions.

employer of record chile
Employment Law

Employment Law in Chile

Relevant Legislation: The Chilean Labor Code (Código del Trabajo) primarily governs the labour and employment sector in Chile. The Labor Code includes clauses about work contracts, work hours, time off, overtime, and job termination, among others.

Employment Contracts: As per the Labor Code, work contracts should be penned down, listing essential aspects like job terms, work hours, pay scale, and conditions for job termination. While not every job requires a formal contract, it’s typically standard for professional and permanent roles.

Working Hours: The typical work week in Chile spans 45 hours, generally distributed over six days. For the majority of jobs, the maximum daily work hours shouldn’t go beyond nine hours, with certain exceptions like mining industries.

Overtime: Any work done over and above the normal 45 hours weekly is classified as overtime. Overtime pay should be at least 1.5 times the regular wage for the first two hours and 2 times the regular wage for any additional hours.

Leave: Employees in Chile have the right to various kinds of leave. These include annual leave (beginning from 15 days after one year of uninterrupted employment), maternity leave of 18 weeks (with a minimum of 180 days of employment in the previous year), and sick leave. Chile also offers paid paternity leave of 5 days. Some firms may offer additional benefits.

Termination: The notice period before ending a work contract is determined by the duration of service. For employees who have served for less than one year, one month’s notice is required; for one year or more, two months’ notice is required. If an employee is dismissed for reasons like poor performance or misconduct, it should be justifiable, or else it could result in legal consequences.

Severance Pay: If an employee is terminated without a valid reason, they may be eligible for a severance package, depending on their tenure. For those with at least one year of uninterrupted service, the employer is obligated to provide severance.


Work Permits in Chile

The Department of Immigration and Migration in Chile oversees the country’s immigration system. The country offers various visa categories, tailored to individual needs such as employment, education, or family reunification. Some examples include:

Work Visa: Non-citizens hoping to work in Chile need a work visa. This involves a confirmed job offer from a Chilean employer who will handle the necessary paperwork, including filing an employment contract with the immigration authorities.

Permanent Residence Visa: After a period of continuous legal residency, individuals can apply for permanent residence. They must provide proof of financial stability, either through employment, pension funds, or other financial resources.

Family Reunification Visa: Foreign nationals with immediate family members (spouse, minor children, or parents) who are Chilean residents or citizens can apply for this visa. The Chilean family member must provide proof of their relationship and their ability to support the applicant.

Student Visa: International students accepted into a Chilean educational institution can apply for a student visa. The duration of the visa usually aligns with the length of the study program. Student visas don’t automatically grant the holder permission to work in Chile, but part-time work permissions can be requested.

employer of record chile
Public Holidays

Chile Public Holidays

Holiday Name


New Year’s Day

1st January

Good Friday


Labour Day

1st May

National Holidays

18th-19th September

Reformation Day

31st October

Immaculate Conception

8th December

Christmas Day

25th December

Chile has additional public holidays that can change each year, such as Easter Monday, among others.

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Our expertise is at your disposal. The need for you to have internal HR, Payroll and admin staff is eliminated.

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