A Guide to Employing Staff in the UK

Employing Staff in the UK

The UK government describes 7 things you need to do to employ staff in the UK. Of course, this assumes that you already have the entity through which you will employ them and banking facilities which allow you to fund salary and benefits in the UK. Some steps (e.g step 7 – “check if you need to automatically enrol your staff in a workplace pension scheme”) will lead to additional actions, for example the set up of a suitable pension scheme.

What the guide does not cover is “optional” steps such as the implementation of employee benefits schemes. These can be important if it is your aim to attract and retain a higher level of talent as employees will value things like private medical insurance in addition to competitive pay.

For many businesses, establishing a UK entity and employing here directly will be the right route. But there is another way. Agility EOR can employ on your behalf as a UK Employer of Record. All 7 steps in the  referenced guide are then taken care of by us and we will additionally advise on what supplementary benefits may be suitable in your scenario.

To discuss UK Employer of Record services and understand how we can help you employ staff in the UK, call us on +44 207 863 2969 or email hello@agilitypeo.com

Sam Barnes

Sam Barnes

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