Public Holiday Calendar: Ireland

Ireland Public Holidays: The Facts

How many public holidays are there in Ireland?

From 2023, there are 10 observed public holiday dates in Ireland. St. Brigid's Day (1 February) was added to the calendar to mark the patroness saint of Ireland. The additional public holiday will be commemorated on the first Monday of February each year unless the date falls on a Friday.

Are public holidays paid in Ireland?

Full-time employees are entitled to paid leave on public holidays in Ireland. If required to work, the employee must be given a substitute day of paid leave within a month or additional remuneration equal to one day's work.

Are public holidays on non-working days substituted?

If the public holiday falls on a non-working day in Ireland, the employee is still entitled to benefit from this. Employers may opt to award a substitute day or additional pay as compensation. It is not a legal requirement for the employer to provide the next non-working day as leave. (I.e. if the public holiday falls on a Sunday, it cannot be assumed that the Monday will be awarded as a substitute day off).

What happens if an employee is sick or on leave on a public holiday?

Employees in Ireland are entitled to benefit from the right to public holidays. If an employee is on sick leave during a public holiday, they will be awarded normal pay on this day, or an additional substitute day upon their return to work. This right does not extend to employees on long-term leave for more than 26 weeks. Employees on maternity, paternity or parental leave are also entitled to paid leave on public holidays.

Irish flag on March calendar for St. Patrick's Day

Public Holiday Dates - Ireland

Bank Holiday 2024 2025
New Year's Day Monday 1 January Wednesday 1 January
St. Brigid's Day Monday 5 February Monday 3 February
St. Patrick's Day Monday 18 March Monday 17 March
Easter Monday Monday 1 April Monday 21 April
May Day Monday 6 May Monday 5 May
June bank holiday Monday 3 June Monday 2 June
August bank holiday Monday 5 August Monday 4 August
October bank holiday Monday 28 October Monday 27 October
Christmas Day Wednesday 25 December Thursday 25 December
St. Stephen's Day Thursday 26 December Friday 26 December

Note: Good Friday is not a public holiday in Ireland.


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