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On 4 December 2023, the UK government unveiled the significant changes to the UK immigration policy for skilled worker visa routes and limitations regarding dependent sponsorship. 

2023 has been a year filled with successes for Agility EOR but this could be the biggest of them all…..we are thrilled to announce that Daniel Masters has joined our team in the role of Finance & Operations Director!

Come and dive into a global tour of remote work legislation! It’s vital employers are up to date with all the current rules and regulations.

Agility EOR receives award recognising the company’s exceptional growth and unwavering commitment to customers.

Get all the up-to-date info of all of the minimum wage changes for 2023 for all countries across the globe.


Agility EOR can help clients from anywhere employ anywhere else. But our real specialism is in helping US headquartered businesses to employ in the UK.

Many businesses now have a Work from Anywhere policy yet struggle to implement them in practice. An Employer of Record service can help.

Read this article to discover why an EOR provider fee of a few hundred dollars could actually mean a cost to your business of several thousands.

How do you ensure a positive employee experience in a geographically dispersed workforce? Agility EOR explain their approach.

In this short clip, our Co-Founder Sam Barnes tries his hand at vlogging and explains that it was more uncomfortable that he expected.

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