Hot Topic – Employee experience in a geographically dispersed workforce

Employee experience in a geographically dispersed workforce

We have a very simple mantra here at Agility EOR,” if our client’s employees are happy, our clients are happy”. Our objective is to give the best possible employee experience, from onboarding and throughout the employee lifecycle, so that our clients have a happy and loyal workforce.

Within the scope of the Employer of Record services we provide, there are some simple but vital tasks where getting it right makes the world of difference. We commit to;

  • Issue employment contracts promptly, and personally welcome the employee.
  • Hand hold the employee through the onboarding process with open and regular dialogue.
  • Pay your employees accurately and on time.
  • Answer employment related questions with clear explanation.
  • Offer benefits which are the right fit for your employees, their role and the cultural norms in their territory.
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Choosing a professional Employer of Record who understands the importance of your people to your business is one thing you can do to improve the experience of your geographically dispersed workforce, but how else can employers look after their remote teams?

Here are some suggestions based on our experience and the best practice we see among our clients;

  • Be as flexible as you can with working arrangements – Remote workers value flexibility, and allowing them to choose when and where they work can go a long way in enhancing their employee experience. Some of the companies we have worked with have utilised job sharing as a way to offer flexibility whilst making sure they have coverage for the key functions of their business.
  • Foster a sense of community – Create a sense of community among your geographically dispersed workforce by organizing virtual team-building activities and social events. Encourage remote employees to participate in company-wide initiatives, such as charity events or volunteer work.
  • Encourage regular communication – Employees working remotely can sometimes feel left out so encourage regular communication between them and their managers and colleagues. There are now so many great tools available to make it easy to chat with people wherever they are based.
  • Develop a clear and consistent company culture – Develop a culture that is inclusive of all remote employees. Ensure that your company values, mission, and goals are communicated effectively to all employees, regardless of their location.
  • Provide access to technology and resources – Ensure that your remote employees have access to the same technology and resources as those in the office. Provide them with the necessary software, hardware, and tools to perform their jobs effectively, and make sure they have access to training and support when needed.
  • Provide recognition and feedback – Provide regular feedback and recognition to your remote workers to help them feel valued and appreciated. Make use of performance management tools to set goals and monitor progress, and provide regular feedback and coaching to help remote employees achieve success.

If your business is looking to give your remote employees the best possible employees experience, we’d love to talk to you about how we play our part. Get in touch here.

Sam Barnes

Sam Barnes

Co-Founder & Sales Director