Hot Topic - Menopause Leave

Hot Topic – Menopause Leave

Earlier in the week, a proposal from MPs to introduce a menopause leave trial was turned down by ministers. A recommendation to add menopause to the list of protected characteristics under the Equality Act was also rejected. 

As many as 1 in 10 women have quit their job because of symptoms of the menopause, either as a direct result of a menopausal symptom or because they didn’t want to share the reason for needing time off with their employer.  

Of course, as the male author of this piece, I will never experience menopausal symptoms first hand. But I am the husband of someone who has struggled through the menopause, losing confidence and her own business as a result. So from personal experience I know that action is needed to educate, change attitudes and find ways of retaining valuable experience in the workplace. 

Despite dismissing the menopause leave pilot the government said it wasfocused on encouraging employers to implement workplace menopause policies’, according to a BBC report. If your business is seeking to use an Employer of Record service to employ in the UK, we want you to know that Agility EOR offers the flexibility to extend your existing menopause leave policy to your UK workforce, and the expertise to provide one if you currently have no policy but wish to implement one.  

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Sam Barnes

Sam Barnes

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