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New EOR bucks the trend for platform-based ‘self-service’ Employer of Record services.  

February 1, 2023. A new startup in the EOR arena, Agility EOR, is confident there’s still a strong demand among HR professionals for a more personal approach. And that despite the market trend towards platform-based tech solutions, their consultative service will appeal to businesses looking for a bespoke solution when employing abroad.

“Most new entrants in the market are platform-based, and that’s fine for some clients,” concedes Sam Barnes, Agility EOR Sales Director. “But many HR professionals still want to speak to an expert in person. They might be new to EOR as a concept, or moving into a new territory and want to ask specific questions about compliance. With Agility EOR, they’ll always be dealing with a person, not a bot or a set of FAQs.” 

His point is echoed by his colleague Scott Winter, Director of HR. “It’s increasingly rare to find a contact phone number on a EOR website. Ours is right there on the home page. Call us and you’ll be dealing with experienced professionals who can talk you through the advantages and issues of each territory. Wherever they are based, the people you need to employ are important to your business; we never forget that, and we treat them as individuals.” 

The team at Agility EOR are committed to an ethical and honest approach to business. “We do the right thing by our clients and by the laws of each country we operate in,” declares Scott. “It’s never worth taking a risk on compliance.  If you operate in grey areas, the result is bad for the client and the PEO. And we believe in openness; if we don’t feel we can offer you the best solution for a specific territory, we’ll say so. 

Agility EOR’s management team have many years of experience in Employer of Record services, and they’re confident their personal approach will pay dividends. “We’re aiming for organic growth,” explains Sam Barnes. “And the best way to do that is by earning the loyalty of our clients over the long term, through the quality of our service.” If that sounds like a PEO you’d like to deal with, give Agility EOR a call. As Scott Winter says, their number is right there on the home page. 

Contact Agility EOR on +44 207 863 2969 or visit

Sam Barnes

Sam Barnes

Sales Director and Co-Founder

Scott Winter

Scott Winter

HR Director and Co-Founder