Agility EOR – Specialists in UK Employer of Record Services

Specialists in UK Employer of Record Services

Since the turn of the year, I have been meeting partners and prospective clients to outline Agility EOR’s key strengths in a market increasingly crowded with Professional Employment Organisations.

While our extensive network enables us to help ‘businesses from anywhere employ anywhere’, our specialism is clear – we are a UK Employer of Record helping US headquartered clients employ in the United Kingdom.

Agility EOR is headquartered in the UK. We run payroll in the UK ourselves and can boast decades of experience. Our HR lead has 17 years of experience in senior HR roles in the UK. Our Sales Director has helped over 100 clients to successfully grow their businesses to include a workforce in the United Kingdom. The benefits we offer to our clients’ employees are the ones we know our own employees value.

You can take advantage of our expertise from the first time you talk to us. As consultants, we can provide insights as to what to expect when your US business has employees in the UK. Taking the time to understand our client’s experiences to date, their ambitions for the future (and the things which keep them awake at night) are the first steps to building a lasting relationship.

If your business is based in the United States and you are considering employing one or more people in the United Kingdom, let’s talk. We can discuss the best ways to achieve your aims, taking account of your budgets, resources and timeline. And set you up for success right from the get-go.

To access our free, comprehensive guide to employing  in the UK, click here.

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Sam Barnes

Sam Barnes

Sales Director