About Agility EOR

Our Approach

Our mission is simple, act quickly, compliantly and cost effectively

Bespoke EOR services for valued, productive employees

Setting up your own legal entity in a new country is slow, complex, and full of potential legal pitfalls. But there is a better way. Agility EOR can hire and retain the talent you need to be up and running in days. Quickly, compliantly and cost-effectively.  

We take a bespoke approach because every case is unique. Maybe a consultant has become integral to your business, and their status needs to be compliant with local employment law. Or perhaps you want to take advantage of remote working to recruit from a global talent pool. Whatever the specifics, we’ll listen, advise and create a tailored solution.

Scott Winter HR Director of Agility EOR

The Agility Difference

Treating individuals as individuals

Often, the success of your new global territory can depend on the performance of a small team – perhaps even one individual. Our philosophy is very simple: happy employees are productive employees. And that means happy clients.  

We’ll invest time in exploring your brief to ensure we can offer the best solution for your new territory. You’ll be dealing with senior, highly experienced EOR, HR and finance professionals, backed by a global network of trusted contacts.  

Ethical and open

We do the right thing by our clients and by the laws of each country we operate in. And we believe in openness; if we don’t feel we can offer you the best solution for a specific territory, we’ll say so.  

Without Agility EOR, our ability to move quickly and scale would be extremely limited. Superb work from A to Z.

Carol Oliveira

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