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Professional employment services including Payroll, Employee Benefits & HR Support

Employer Solutions tailored to the needs of your business

At Agility EOR, our International Employer Solutions are designed to support your business’s growth anywhere in the world.

We are a trusted and all-encompassing Professional Employer Organisation investing in your business’s global ambitions of the future. When you enter into a co-employment relationship with us, we will become the legal Employer Of Record for your employees and consultants across the globe. Learn more below:

Flexible, affordable and fully-compliant EOR services throughout the world. Our Professional employment service includes Payroll, Employee Benefits & HR Support. 

Our global payroll network provides fully-compliant, consolidated payroll processing in over 100 countries. We operate multi-currency, multi-territory, and multi-jurisdictional payroll processing to suit your needs.

We offer a bespoke HR package suited for every client, in every location. You can expect to receive a fully-managed HR solution that assists with your business’s short & long-term HR tasks.

Different countries, different cultures, different employee expectations. Explore the statutory and enhanced PEO employee benefit packages designed to retain and attract the best talent.

More Employer Solutions

Discover more solutions which are designed to support your business and employees anywhere in the world. 

Professional employment services including Payroll, Employee Benefits & HR Support

Whether it’s for a temporary or permanent basis, Agility EOR can hire workers from anywhere in the world.

Through our specially developed contractor hire model, we can pay your workers in 140 countries.

Hire globally, expand seamlessly. Leverage the power of our talent pool across the globe.

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