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Agility EOR can help you to hire workers from anywhere in the world.

How we can help

We help you to achieve your talent acquisition needs - anywhere in the world

Why let Agility EOR take care of your recruitment needs?

Your international growth project receives the meticulous, hands-on attention it deserves from our partners and consultants. We take the time to learn about your organisation and its hiring goals in order to provide a qualified and varied candidate pool.

We are able to ensure that candidates are the right fit for you because of our global reach, individualised approach, and extensive expertise in multiple countries. We understand that having the right employees  is the key to your success and therefore your most valuable asset.

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Global Staffing Benefits

Agility EOR is your specialist partner when it comes to global staffing. Here are some of the many benefits:

Tailored Approach

Our consultants help mitigate employment risk through personal and tailored business consultation to achieve your international goals

Mid to Senior Role Specialists

We offer competencies for Mid to Executive Level roles including sales, marketing, technical, professional services, HR, legal, and finance

Detailed Needs Analysis

Our unique up-front analysis results in faster, better quality hires

Stay Legally Compliant

We understand local market conditions and offer solutions for local employment laws and regulations

Challenging Roles

We place roles that may have presented challenges to other recruiters

Experience and Insights

Our research and experience provides clients with insights that influence expansion activities and directions

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Global Staffing experts by your side

Your company is growing, and you’re looking at expanding internationally, possibly into far-reaching corners of the world.

Agility EOR will help you recruit the right people with the skills, experience, and cultural alignment to meet these challenges.

With our global Employer of Record service, you need not be constrained to only hiring in countries where you have an entity set-up; allowing you to broaden the talent pool to find that perfect employee.

Our specialism is serving mid-market companies and agile enterprises for new market entry and worldwide recruiting needs. Our consultants will guide your business expansion in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC with speed and ease.

What to expect

Once your new hire has accepted the job offer, that’s usually the end of the line for most recruitment companies (other than sending you an invoice!).

We can take care of all HR, Payroll and Benefits processes for your new employee, in whatever country you wish to employ them in. We’ll even take care of all tax and employment law compliance needs, allowing you to spend the time needed on running your business.

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What salary should I pay my new hire?

Our experience in the global employment sector enables us to give you guidance on the salary range that would be typical for the:

  • Job title and description: This is a critical starting point for any salary benchmarking exercise. We ensure that we are comparing similar roles that have similar duties, responsibilities, and experience requirements.
  • Geographic location: Salaries can vary significantly based on location, so it’s important to compare salaries for the same role in the same geographic area. This can be broken down into specific regions or cities.
  • Industry and sector: Different industries and sectors can have vastly different salary ranges. We ensure we compare your role within your industry or sector.
  • Years of experience: Salaries can vary based on the number of years of experience a candidate has. It’s important to compare salaries for roles with similar experience requirements.
  • Education and qualifications: Salaries can also vary based on a candidate’s level of education and qualifications.
  • Company size: Salaries can also vary based on the size of the company, as larger companies may have more resources to offer higher salaries.
  • Benefits and perks: It’s important to consider the benefits and perks offered by a company when comparing salaries. For example, one company may offer a higher salary but fewer benefits, while another company may offer a lower salary but more comprehensive benefits.

By taking all of these variables into account, you can ensure that you are obtaining accurate salary data and making informed decisions about compensation for your employees. Speak to us today to find out more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We find that most of our clients are in the Tech, IT, Finance and Professional Services industries. However, we have acquired the skills, knowledge and experience to help all industries across the globe.

Our experienced team are able to provide you with you our EOR service in pretty much any country in the world, from UK, Spain and Mexico, through to the Faroe Islands, Dominican Republic and Jersey. Discover our Global EOR Coverage

As a private company, we’re not beholden to shareholders or asset-shredding Private Equity targets. We aim to build long-term relationships with our clients. At Agility EOR, our approach is that we never forget that our business is all about people. Our Employer of Record solutions are tailored to each requirement, not a one-size-fits-all tech platform. We do the right thing by our clients and by the laws of each country we operate in. And we believe in openness; if we don’t feel we can offer you the best solution for a specific territory, we’ll say so. 

We pride ourselves on our personable-approach so once you enter your new employees details into our dedicated platform, we’ll arrange a call with you to go through the details of the employment contract where together we can review and amend to your requirements. We liaise directly with your employee to build a rapport and obtain the necessary information to hire them compliantly, and set them up ready for their first payroll.

We never stop delivering! Even if you’re employee has been onboarded and is happily working for you and being paid each month, we’re here to partner with you whenever you or your employees need us. Even your ex-employees may need our assistance for tax documents, proof of employment requests etc… Our service never stops!

Without Agility EOR, our ability to move quickly and scale would be extremely limited. Superb work from A to Z.


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Take a look at our latest guidance when it comes to expanding your business overseas. Visit our Resource Centre for more guidance or get in touch to discuss a specific requirement.