Employer of Record – Your Employee’s Questions Answered

What is an Employer of Record?

An Employer of Record (EOR) is a business which formally employs people on behalf of its clients. The EOR takes care of payroll, HR and benefits. 

Why is my employer using one?

There are many reasons why an employer may choose to use an EOR. Chief among them is a desire to comply with the payroll and labour laws of the country in which you will be working. Using a reputable Employer of Record service to employ you properly and pay you correctly and on time, enables you to concentrate on successfully fulfilling your role.  

Who are Agility?

Agility EOR are a boutique EOR firm, headquartered in the UK. We are owned and led by a team with deep experience in international employment. Agility’s ethos is that people are central to all that we do. We value our clients, employees and partners and believe that if we give you, the employee, a great experience, everyone will be happy. 

Who pays me?

Agility EOR will be your legal employer and will pay you each month, funded by our client. We will be responsible for tax and social security calculation and payment, on behalf of both employer and employee. Agility will provide your payslips for each pay period. 

Are Agility involved in my day-to-day management?

No. Your Line Manager is provided by the business you are going to represent. They will provide direction, training and performance management, as appropriate to your role. You will be embedded in the business you are going to represent, and your day-to-day experience will be exactly the same as a more conventional employment relationship.  

Who do I go to if I have a question?

Many questions will be best directed to your Line Manager. However, the Agility team are pleased to assist with employee questions, especially as they relate to payroll or HR. 

Sam Barnes

Sam Barnes

Co-Founder & Sales Director

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How can we help?

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